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Dry Wipers

dry wiper
Clean fire viewing windows – fast and easy

The Atmosfire Dry Wiper for fireplace window panels, as recommended by glass ceramic manufacturer SCHOTT ROBAX®, is convenient and simple to use. It needs no time to soak in and cleans without streaking, without further wiping and without scratching, so you can soon enjoy relaxing in front of the fire again. Fireplaces and stoves with viewing windows are always popular. But as pleasant and cosy the crackling fireplace in the living room is: the subsequent cleaning of the sooty fireplace viewing window is less enjoyable. For this reason SCHOTT developed a new kind of Dry Wiper especially for fireplace viewing windows made from ROBAX® glass ceramics.

As the active side is less abrasive than the fireplace glass, scratches during cleaning of the window are avoided and, with the ergonomically shaped holding side, you will have no problems getting into the corners. Using the Dry Wiper also means that – unlike other liquid cleaners – no chemicals can get into the seal of the fireplace door and damage it. Just as there is no wiping with water there is also no application time, meaning the cleaning process is significantly shortened.

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