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Polaris Electric Fire Range

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The Polaris range offers a stunning ultra-realistic flame, which has been achieved by carefully modelling the fuel bed from actual logs sourced from woodlands. Extensive work has also been placed on creating stunning mood lighting, designed to produce the perfect atmosphere on any occasion. The optional mood lighting enables you to power and control up to 6 metres of LED lights, which can be incorporated into your designs.

You can create a fire look, which is completely unique. Whether that’s toning down the flames to showing red-hot embers on the fire bed, or maybe you want a strong, fast flame (there are 5 flame speeds) to warm a room on a cold evening – it’s totally up to you.

There are 3 different size options to choose from, Polaris 840E, Polaris 1000E and the Polaris 1600E

Realistic flame effect. Choice of 3 flame colours
5 flame speeds
Active glowing ember fuel bed: 5 brightness settings
13 different colours
Setting that cycles through all options above
Hand painted logs as standard. No logs are repeated in a set, genuinely realistic look
The fuel bed also includes embers and bark
LED technology means low running costs and long life usage
All fires are fully compliant with Eco Design standards
Anti-reflective window on front and sides as standard
Accurate room temperature control
Remote thermostat in hand remote
1-2kW adaptive control (on board energy manager)
Daily and 7-day Programmable Heating
Supplied with a wall bracket and two mounting brackets
Kettle Plug Cable for easy prewiring

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