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Buschbeck BBQ

We are stocking Buschbeck barbeques which are famous throughout Europe and the United States, known for their beautiful design and outstanding craftsmanship. These products are only recently available in Ireland.

The particular quality and high safety standards of BUSCHBECK-outdoor fireplaces/grills mean that all of our products carry the GS safety label. In Europe BUSCHBECK is the only manufacturer who has been awarded this certification.

buschbeck06German TUV/GS Safety Certified. Buschbeck BBQ/outdoor fireplace will be the centre of attention at all your parties and events. Cook delightful food using charcoal or the Gas insert, then light your outdoor fireplace to keep your guests and family warm.

Weatherproof and easy to clean, Buschbeck fireplaces/grills retain their good looks and functionality even after years of intensive use.

See www.buschbeck.ie for full details of the Buschbeck range, or call to our West Cork Showroom to see examples of Buschbeck Barbeques for yourself!


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