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Compact cast iron stove

DRU 44 is a traditional cast iron multi-fuel stove that can burn wood, coal or coke. It has an authentic anthracite finish and can also be supplied in other colours by special order. Among its unique features are an ‘air-wash’ system that keeps the window clean and dust free and a cold touch handle for comfort and safety.

Brand     DRU
Series     DRU gietijzer
Category Wood stoves
Model     Freestanding
Fire view     Front
Fuel     Wood, Coal, Multi-fuel
Combustion system     Open combustion
Door type     Hinged door
Control     Manual control
Colours     Anthracite, E6 Enamel majolica brown, E8 Enamel cream white
Material     Cast iron
Interior     Vermiculite natural
Output net min     4.9
Output net max     7
Max. log length (cm)     30
Efficiency (%)     78
Consumption wood max (kg/h)     1.7
CO emission (%-13% O2)     0.11
NOx emission (mg/Nm3-13% O2)     111
Built-in depth (mm)     405
Weight (kg)     95
Flue top (mm)     125
Flue rear (mm)     125
Convection connection     
230V necessary   

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