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Hawk 4


Looking for a room heater that’s economic to run without compromising on style? Consider the Hawk 4. It’ll deliver a generous output of 3.5-5.5kw and it’s simple to install in the smallest of spaces. We’ve tested it extensively in our labs to make sure it can go the distance reaching 72.8% efficiency, keeping you and your family snug and cutting down on those heating bills.


Heat Output Range (kW)     3.5 - 4.6
Nominal Output (kW)     4.7
Defra Approved     Yes
Efficiency (%)     72.8
CO Emissions (at 13% O2) (%)     0.54
Air Brick Required     No
Can be installed on a 12mm hearth     Yes
Weight (kg)     70
Stove Technology     Tripleburn Technology
Hot Airwash (to keep the glass clean)     Yes
Canopy Option     Low Canopy
Boiler Option     N/A

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