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Morsø 7648 Pedestal

morso 7648
Designed to warm body and soul

The Morso 7648 is a wood-burning stove set on a cast-iron pedestal with a large door glass providing an excellent view of the dancing flames. Monica Ritterband makes the following comments about her design, “I had an idea to create a stove with an organic rounded shape. Only cast iron will allow you to incorporate properly rounded corners. I also wanted to provide an extra-large view of the flames.”

Technical data

•    Convection System
•    Pre-heated combution air
•    Pre-heated secondary air supply
•    Ash Can
•    Tertiary Air
•    Riddling grate system

Fuel - Wood

•    EN/N
•    DEFRA
•    DIN+/AT
•    EPA
•    AS/NZS

Rated Output (kw)     6.2
Operating Output (kw)     3-8
Heats (m2)     45 - 120
Height (mm)     1035
Width (mm)     461
Dept (mm)     461
Flue outlet top     Ø 150
Flue outlet rear     Ø 150
Weight (kg)     156
Chamber Width (cm)     33
Clearance to combustibles
Rear (mm)     150
Sides (mm)     500

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