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Morsø 8848 Pedestal

morso 8848
Floating and elegant appearance

Morsø 8848 is a robust wood-burning stove on a pedestal, which leads to a free, floating and elegant appearance with a fantastic view of the spectacular flames.

The solid cast iron distributes the heat efficiently, and the large firebox can heat areas up to 120 m2. Morsø's new 8800 series builds on the principles of the popular 8100 series and has been given a higher top plate, an aesthetic door handle and automatic self-closing.

Morsø 8848 is a thoroughly reworked and thought out wood-burning stove based on simple and discreet solutions. The stove's air intake makes it possible to control combustion and warmth with a single handle.

Technical data

•    Convection System
•    Pre-heated combution air
•    Pre-heated secondary air supply
•    Ash Can
•    Airwash system
•    Cold handle
•    Tertiary Air
•    Riddling grate system

Fuel - Wood


•    EN/N
•    DIN+/AT

Rated Output (kw)     6,3
Operating Output (kw)     3-8
Heats (m2)     45 - 120
Height (mm)     1131
Width (mm)     530
Dept (mm)     450
Flue outlet top     Ø 150
Flue outlet rear     Ø 150
Weight (kg)     185
Chamber Width (cm)     35
Clearance to combustibles
Rear (mm)     150
Sides (mm)     500

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