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Morsø S100-12 Insert

morso 100 12
Functional elegance

Experience the pleasure of heat and unique styling of the Morsø S100-12. At 1m width it offers a different aspect from other fireplaces on the market. This beautiful insert is exclusively elegant and defined by a simple but functional framing of the large clear glass. The optional finishing frame gives further definition to the firebox of this already decorative and practical heating source, culminating in the exact style and requirement for your home.

Morsø S100-12 has a guillotine door which elegantly raises and is concealed behind the wall.


2 pcs. 455 mm Morsø Heating Grilles are needed – one above and one below
Decorative frame
Heating Storage side/rear + top

Technical data

• Convection System
• Pre-heated combustion air
• Pre-heated secondary air supply
• Airwash system

Fuel - Wood
Approvals - EN

Rated Output (kw)
Operating Output (kw)
Heats (m2)
90 - 255
Dept (mm)
Flue outlet top
Ø 150
Flue outlet rear
Ø 150
Weight (kg)

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