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Morsø S104-11 Insert

morso 104
The built-in fireplace distributes the heat efficiently throughout the room and leads to truly comfortable warmth. We all remember open fireplaces, but they have the unfortunate disadvantage that, just like a camp fire, they cause radiation in front and draughts behind. We avoid this by using a firebox, as the convection air in the stove mixes with the air in the room and distributes the heat. This gives the greatest possible comfort near the fireplace.

Compared to the other one-sided S100 inserts, the S104-11 is portrait in appearance and bit slimmer in depth. - The other one-sided are landscape which would suit a smaller room.

This insert has a nominal output of 6kw which is very suited to typical U.K. living areas.


2 pcs. 245 mm Morsø Heating Grilles are needed - – one above and one below
Decorative frame
Flue Collar Adapter Ø160-150 mm

Technical data

• Convection System
• Pre-heated combustion air
• Pre-heated secondary air supply

• Airwash system
Approvals - EN

Rated Output (kw)
Weight (kg)

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