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SOLIS 500 Cassette Stove


The SOLIS I 500 looks good in any situation whether its stand alone on a wall or replacing your open fire. Three times more efficient than an open fire, the SOLIS 500 takes up minimal hearth space and is the perfect solution where space is a premium.

Colour: Graphite

Key Features:
• Nominal Heat Output 5kW to the room
• Net efficient 82% - three times more efficient than an open fire
• Fits into standard fireplace
• 3 and 4 frame models available
• Primary air control for under grate air
• Combined Secondary window wash & Tertiary control
• True wood burning stove
• A+ rated stove
• Maximum log length: 260mm
• Large viewing glass
• Fully steel stove
• Top flue outlet only
• Easily connected to a standard 5”/127mm diameter chimney
• External Air supply as standard - (100mm pipe not supplied)
• Tested & approved to European standard - EN 13229
• Ecodesign 2022 ready
• Defra approved
• A+ Energy Rating
• SOLIS I500 Declaration of Performance
• Up to 5 years warranty on Stanley SOLIS wood burning and solid fuel stoves

Optional Extra: Multi Fuel kit available to burn other fuels than wood


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