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Stockton 8 Slimline Wood Burning Stoves & Multi-fuel Stoves

stockton8 slimline
Stovax’s Stockton 8 Slimline is 3” (75mm) shallower than the standard Stockton 8; this means that in many cases less building work will be required to install the stove as it could slot directly into your existing fireplace opening and, although smaller, will take logs up to 15¾” (400mm) long. Available as a two-door version the Stockton 8 Slimline is a dedicated woodburner but can also burn multi-fuel when fitted with a multi-fuel kit.

Key Facts

• High efficiency up to 81%
• Woodburner
• Multi-fuel kit non-riddling
• Multi-fuel (with external riddling)
• Cleanburn
• Airwash
• Flat top version
• Low and high canopy versions
• Two door version
• Single door version
• Boiler version
• Maximum heat output 7kW
• Maximum log length 15 3/4” (400mm)
• Flue outlet 6” top or rear
• Choice of four colours
• Width 603mm
• Height 598mm
• Depth 338mm
• Weight 120kg
• Heat Output 7kW
• Flue Diameter 152mm

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