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Studio 500 Freestanding Wood Burning Stove

The Stovax Studio 500 is a new addition to Stovax’s range of Studio Freestanding stoves, further extending and complementing the already impressive choice of Studio fires available. This high performing wood burning stove has a compact, yet innovative design, broadening the Studio’s versatility and suitability to a variety of homes. With a heat output to match that of the Studio 1 Freestanding stove, the Studio 500 Freestanding stove will provide ambiance and warmth to a cosy inglenook. It can also be teamed with a number of optional extras including the black glass top plate for a sleek and shining finish. The Studio 500 can also be placed on one of Stovax’s Freestanding Benches to create a real style statement.

Stovax has introduced a range of highly effective Heat Shields for the Studio Freestanding Wood Burning Range.

Key Facts

• High efficiency up to 80%
• Boost setting for lighting and re-fuelling
• Removable steel and TCL baffles
• TCL firebox lining
• Radiant heat and convected heat
• Optional warm air ducting system
• Top flue connection Internal Ø - 153mm (6”)
• Optional black glass top plate
• Optional Decorative black flue ring cover
• Decorative square section flue cover 15 x 1800 x 212mm (w x h x d)
• Suitable for Smoke Control Areas - When fitted with a Smoke Control Kit and used in accordance with the operating instructions.
• Optional Heat Shield kit -Available when fitted to a Riva Bench.
• Stove bench compatible
• Width 607mm
• Height 479mm
• Depth 382mm
• Weight 85kg
• Nominal Heat Output & Range 5.0kW (1.7-7kW)
• Maximum log length 250mm (10”)


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