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Glass Fibre Rope

If you are able to do your own stove door refurbishment then we’ll be happy to provide you with materials. In addition, The Woodburning Centre provides a local service for stove door renovation, replacing glass rope, stove glass and clips.

If the door handle on your stove becomes difficult to open or close this can be a sign that the glass fibre rope that seals the door has become worn and needs to be replaced. When the door rope seal on your stove is no longer sealing properly this can mean that your fuel will burn too fast leading to unnecessary extra heating costs.

We can supply replacement rope in 10mm, 12mm and 13mm sizes. Do measure the exiting rope on your stove carefully before ordering replacements. We also keep stocks of other sizes of rope which will fit most models of stove on the market so if you need something different in size from the above please contact us.

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Ask a Question

We are happy to answer your questions and never try to persuade customers into buying something that they don’t really want or that won’t meet their needs. Unlike some of the very big suppliers in this business, we aren’t simply interested in ‘selling you the box’ and leaving you to work out what to do on your own.