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ESSE 125

esse 125

5kW heat output; efficiency 82%

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Think of this as a “remixed” version of our hugely popular 100 multifuel stove, offering all the same traditional benefits with a sophisticated contemporary twist…

Like every ESSE, the 125 is built by hand at our factory in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. Depending on the look you want for your living space, you can choose a sleek all black finish, or a two-tone look with the pillars in brushed stainless steel.

A cleverly designed twin position grate gives you another important option: whether to burn wood or mineral fuels. And simple top and bottom air slider controls make this clean-burning stove as easy to operate as it is on the eye.

Speaking of the easy life, why mess around with matches, lighters and kindling, when the 125 is fully compatible with ESSE’s innovative automatic electric ignition technology?

Weight 100kg

Clearances to combustibles: 600mm sides, 450mm top, 305mm front & 600mm rear


Construction     Stainless Steel / Steel
Flue outlet     Top or Rear 5" (125mm)
External Riddling?     Yes
Suitable for Continuous Burning?     Yes (125), No (125 SE)
Pre-heated Secondary Airwash?     Yes
Afterburn™ System?     Yes
Operating range (depending on fuel type & settings)     Up to 5KW
Additional Room Vent Required?     No
Efficiency Test Data
Fuel     Logs / Anthracite
Output KW EN13240(ST)     5 / 4.8
Efficiency     82.1% / 77.6%
CO Emissions Corrected to 13% O²     0.61 / 0.36
Fuel/Hr     1.4KG / 0.75KG
Flue temp Mean °C     244 / 235

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