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Vision Small T Wood Burning Stoves & Multi-fuel Stoves

vision smallt
Sharing the compact footprint of the Stovax Vision Small wood burning and multi-fuel stove, as well as the Ecodesign Ready Cleanburn combustion systems, the wood burning T version offers a taller flame picture thanks to the higher firebox ceiling. An alternative take on the standard stove format, the Small T’s portrait proportions make it an eye-catching choice wherever it is installed.

Key Facts

• Woodburner
• Multi-fuel
• Ecodesign compliant with forthcoming regulations on CO, Particulates, OGC’s and NOx emissions
• Maximum efficiency up to 78%
• Nominal heat output and range 5kW (2.5-7kW)
• Maximum log length 330mm
• Airwash
• Cleanburn
• Smoke Control Area approved - When fitted with a Smoke Control Kit and used in accordance with the operating instructions
• Width 371
• Height 563
• Depth 313
• Weight 61.5kg
• Flue Diameter 330mm

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